July 28, 2011
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No two buildings are alike. You may need a wet system or a dry system, or some combination of the two. The design proccess involves knowing the type of structure, occupancy, and any special hazards involved.

The actual design includes layout and hydraulic calculations to determine pipe sizes for main and branch runs. It can be a tedious process but softare has greatly reduced the time required.

Plans are then submitted to the AHJ and / or engineer for approvals.

At the bottom are two of the Associations that we look to for Codes, Standards and advice on how to best service you and your clients needs.


The the approval and installation process for fire sprinklers is similar in scope to that of other buidling systems, but sprinklers require some specialized tools and equipment to get the job done.

Like any good sprinkler company we carry the equipment neccessary to fabricate jobs in the field. There are cases however when the bulk of the pipe network is pre-fabricated by the materials supplier based on the engineered drawings. This greatly reduces the actual installation time and is the preferred way on new construction and major renovation projects.

Howerever it is done you can expect a professional job every time.


Sprinkler Inspections are a very important part of maintaining your life safety system. We perform visual and functional inspections of your system and offer corrective actions if needed to ensure proper operation in an emergency.

 Visual inspections are performed to identify leaks, obtructions, painted heads, proper & sufficient signs to identify control valves, etc. 

Funtional inpections include but are not limited to waterflow tests and timing, drain test, static and residual water pressure, proper operation and supervision of control valves, drains, and inspectors test valves.

Emergency service is always available to repair or troubleshoot problems.

Sprinkler Inspections are relatively inexpensive and if you have an Inspection Contract with us, hourly labor rates are grealyt reduced.


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